Snapmaker Artisan is the latest generation 3-in-1 3D printer that offers an array of features to users. It is larger, stronger, and more accessible than ever, which makes it a powerful desktop fabrication tool. With its industrial-grade transmission technology, Artisan offers a fast, accurate, and steady-making experience.

The Artisan 3D printer is a good 3D printer that features steel guide rails embedded in its linear modules, making it more precise, rigid, and durable. It offers a significant raise in precision, rigidity, and durability, which leads to a faster and more steady making experience. Its large work area of 400 mm × 400 mm × 400 mm allows users to create big or multiple objects without any limitations.

One of the standout features of the Snapmaker Artisan is its quick-swap platforms and tool heads that let users shift between 3 functions in just a minute. The upgraded one-piece die-cast base plate in a larger size ensures stability and rigidity even during high-speed CNC machining. Moreover, the Artisan comes with an ultra-wide 7" touchscreen that provides more room to play, vision broader, and a more intuitive UI design that fits ergonomics better.

Artisan uses tailor-made software called Snapmaker Luban, which provides a concise and easy-to-follow configuration workflow of 3D printing, laser, and CNC machining. It is a single software that excels in all 3 fabrication methods. Compared with Snapmaker 2.0, Artisan is fully improved in printing speed, precision, filament compatibility, and accessibility, making it the fastest 3D printer in the market. Its optimized transmission system and motion control algorithm make Artisan's dimensional accuracy reach ± 0.1 mm at a high speed of 180 mm/s.

The Artisan is truly a good 3D printer because it offers fast swapping of not just tool heads and platforms but also the hot ends, and Luban detects the nozzle sizes and types, offering customized configurations to users. The Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module is one of the best add-ons that Artisan offers, with a motor built-in to automatically lift and shift between two extruders, enabling faster and quieter dual-extrusion 3D printing.

Artisan can automatically level the heated bed and calibrate the Z offset of the two extruders, making it easy for users to enjoy dual-material or bicolor printing with perfect adhesion and alignment. The heated bed has a 260 × 260 mm high-temperature zone (aka inner zone) that can reach 110°C, while the outer zone's highest temperature is 80°C. This allows users to save time and energy while creating their models.

The Artisan also comes with the latest 10W Laser Module that offers faster and deeper cutting on more materials, making it ideal for refined laser engraving. The laser module can engrave at a speed as high as 6000 mm/min while cutting through wood as thick as 8 mm in a single pass. It is eight times faster than the 1.6W Laser Module, which makes Artisan the best 3D printer for laser engraving.

Equipped with a 200W CNC Module, Artisan further improves the CNC performance, making it six times faster in machining on the hardwood like beech. The high-rigidity linear modules and high-speed spindle empower the CNC module to carve or cut smoothly on various materials, with a dimensional accuracy of up to 0.2 mm.

The Artisan comes with an enclosure that reduces the laser from Class 4 to Class 1, making it a safer tool to use at home. Also, the enclosure also helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside the printer, which is essential for achieving high-quality prints. It also helps to reduce noise and prevent dust and debris from getting into the printer. With the Artisan's enclosure, users can feel confident in their ability to safely and effectively use all three functions of the printer in their home or workspace.